Why is safety sign important?

Wanting to invest in safety signs? Here is a complete guide on why is safety sign important? Safety signs help in identifying and warning workers who are exposed to hazards at the workplace. Keeping workers safe is an employer’s responsibility. Having a safety sign is a visual communication strategy i.e. safety signs are a key.

The purpose of a safety sign is to assist in the communication of important instructions, emphasize safety messages, and provide instructions for emergencies.

 Safety signs serve different purposes. Below are the lists of different types of signs that should be included in the workplace. 

1.            Prohibition Signs:

Prohibition signs display those actions or behaviors that are not permitted in the workplace. These signs are shown as red circles with red slashes over black icons. The text on the sign should be black on a white background.

2. Mandatory Signs:

 Mandatory signs help in providing some instructions that are important to be carried out. The icons on the signs should be in white reversed out of a blue circle. The text should be kept black on a white background.

3. Danger Signs:

 Danger signs assist in communicating a hazard, condition, or situation that may be deadly. This sign should be shown as the word danger on a red oval or a black rectangle. The text on the danger sign should be black on a white background.

4. Warning Signs:

Warning signs help in warning people of hazards or conditions that are not likely to be serious. These safety signs include a black triangle and an icon on a yellow background with support black text. 

5. Fire Safety Signs:

Fire safety signs guide people with the location of fire alarms and fire fighting tools. They should contain white symbols or text on a red background.

6. Emergency Signs:

Emergency signs advise the directions to emergency facilities. These signs portray a white symbol or text on a green background.

 General Information Signs:

 These signs present general information and often information related to housekeeping, company practices, or logistics.

 Thus these are some of the important safety signs that should be placed in the workplace for the safety of workers. If you want to buy any of these safety signs, then you can contact Umang Communications Private Limited at the best prices. For more information related to signage and other related services, please visit www.umangcommunications.com.

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