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Why is Braille signage important?

Thinking of putting up the custom Braille Signs in your building? Read this article to know why Braille signage is important?

What is Braille Signage?

Braille signs were invented by Louise Braille in 1821. It is a series of raised dots representing text that helps the visually impaired person to read the dots by simply touching them. These dots can represent letters, the alphabet, numbers, words, and symbols. Simply speaking custom Braille signs are a manner of informing people that your business is involved in facilitating visually challenged individuals. They can be found in ATMs, public phone boxes, landline phones, pedestrian shopping areas and crossings, and, signage.


Braille Signs can be a public facility for welcoming visually impaired people to your custom Braille signs. It would not only promote your business but would create a great reputation for your company. These kinds of setting for blind people make them feel loved and cared for. These would also help them to travel here and there without asking for anyone’s help. Thus these would give them more independence. Braille signs are used to communicate, direct and help blind people locate places. There is no limitation to its use, as long as you can see the need for it, then it becomes needed.

The use of the Braille sign has increased now, it is found in public places staircases, museums, parks, places of worship, post offices, hotels, banks, local councils, and on, airplanes. It can also be used for bills, school work, legal paperwork, pharmaceutical packaging, Braille labels on books, electronics, phones, and many more.

 Before you put a Braille sign, you should always try to place it where blind people can spot it. Braille signs give blind people the ability to do what they aren’t able to do.

Types of Signage

Braille signage can be found in different types such as Toilet signage, Directional signs with arrows, Room signs, Push and Pull door signs, etc. You need to make sure that all visitors understand your sign system and have a comfortable stopover at your business.

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