Importance of Traffic Signage

Have no idea about traffic signage? Read this article to know about the importance of traffic signage. A traffic sign is the most important aspect for all road users. The traffic signs help in communicating the basic rules and regulations of the road. With the help of simple graphics on the sign, one can understand within no time. A driver needs to know the traffic signs or the road to ensure the safety of him and others. A traffic sign Informs road users about the distance that is left to cover to reach a particular place, informs them about the alternative routes to a place, warns them about hazards in the nearby areas, and gives information about places such as public convenience outlets, restaurants, and hospitals.

Understanding traffic signs is also important for those who wish to apply for a driving license. Let us read the article further, to know in detail about the importance of traffic signs. There are mainly three kinds of traffic signs which are Mandatory Signs, Cautionary Signs, And Informatory Signs.

Mandatory Signs:

Mandatory signs are the signs that need to be placed mandatorily. If there is no mandatory sign then one might be issued a challan by the traffic police. These signs are used to ensure the free movement of traffic. Also, through these signs, people are made aware of speed limits and no parking zones.

Cautionary Signs:

Cautionary signs are used to make people aware of the dangers or safety on the road. These signs assist the driver in taking the necessary steps that make him or her ready to handle a situation.

Informatory Signs:

Informatory signs are used to give information to the people about diffferent locations, important buildings, institutions, hospitals, petrol pumps, etc.


Thus, traffic signs help in preventing accidents and safeguarding the vehicle users as well as the pedestrians. It also makes sure that people are following the basic traffic rules. This reduces the chances of traffic offenses. Traffic signs also help people in guiding them on routes. Therefore, traffic signs should be given utmost importance. If you are looking for any kind of traffic sign, then do not hesitate to connect with us at 9864081643 or visit

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