How to decorate dealer point or point of sale area?

Did you know that a proper product display setup can have a positive impact on your sales? Take a look at the article below and get inspired on how to decorate dealer point or point of sale area?

Decorating a dealer point or point of sale area requires creativity, psychological insights, and testing. Go through some of the tips mentioned in the article. A dealer point or point of sale (POS) refers to the place where a customer pays the bills for products and services in a physical store. 

Floor Design:

Before decorating your dealer point or point of sale area, you must plan the right floor. A right floor plan plays an important role in managing the store flow and traffic. This depends on the size of your store, the products that you sell, and your target market. You must also understand your customer type. Let us look at some of the key points while decorating a dealer point or point of sale area.

Planning your floor will also help you to create an organized flow of traffic. This involves positioning your shelves or racks in straight lines. Positioning shelves is one of the most cost-effective store layouts. Large retail spaces, such as supermarkets, use shelving to showcase their merchandise.

Displaying Products:

Displaying products is a crucial way to engage customers through visual merchandising. Some of the product display solutions are- ‎clothing racks, ‎display tables, pop- display, countertop display, ‎grid wall display units, ‎cap & hat display, grocery display racks, etc. Visual merchandising helps to attract buyers and point them in the right direction. But the question is, how many products should be displayed? Displaying products increases sales. But too much product on the floor can decrease your brand image. So, make sure your store isn’t packed too much. Display your products depending on the size of your shop. 

However, displaying products also depends on the type of store you own. For example, if you are a wholesale retailer then you can pack your shop with the merchandise. But if you are a boutique, then keeping too many items for display can be a bad idea. 

Change is refreshing:

According to experts, changing your store once a week can be refreshing. Such as, changing the outfits of your mannequins, and switching up your merchandise when new products arrive. This will again depend on the type of store that you run and the varieties of customers that you receive at your store every day. If your store is on a busy street, for example on the way to people’s work locations, then you can change your merchandise more often to attract customers.

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