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Why fabrication is important for construction?

Wanting to invest in fabrication? Learn why fabrication is important for construction? Metal fabrication or simply fabrication is the process of making something from metal. It uses processed raw material from its raw state into a metal sheet, such as a rod, or bar.


We have used wood, stone; bone for thousands of years. With early metal fabrication such as smelting and forging of ore, the world took a different direction.  The availability of metal helped people to make digging tools for growing food, transporting water, etc.

The practice of fabrication was done around 4200BC. Fashionable jewelry and crude tools were made out of copper. This was said to be a significant point in history and which changed and enhanced our civilization once and for all.

Metal fabrication today is changed a lot from the early days, both in terms of the variety of available metals and the advanced tools and processes. Especially after the invention of the computer both design and programming have changed the face of metalworking.

Types of metal fabrication operations:

Metal fabrication operations include Drilling, Milling, Grinding, and Turning. Typical metal fabrication operations include Cropping and Guillotining, Forming, Pipe Bending, Welding, Assembly, Painting

Good metal fabrication is an art form. It requires skills to know the best metals and methodology to choose for any job. For spectacular results, designers and architects need to brand their creations uniquely.

Materials for Fabrication:

Metal fabrications can be made using a variety of materials like mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. You can choose the metal depending on the end-use of the product that is fabricated. Steel is best for its strength, especially if it is to be used for weight-bearing. Aluminum with a colored anodized, or a simple brush pattern finish, is often favored for its aesthetic properties.

Metal Fabrication indespensible:

We see metalwork fabrications all around us. We use them and even travel in them. Some of the examples of metal fabrications are London Eye, train carriages, buses, ships, airplane fuselages, and car bodies. The building of bridges is one of the leading examples of metal fabrication where strength and durability are of major importance. Thus metal fabrication is a fundamental and indispensable service without which, the modern world just wouldn’t be the same place to be.

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