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How to make a strategy for running a full 360-degree marketing campaign?

Wanting to run a full 360-degree marketing campaign? Here is a complete guide on how to make a strategy for running a full 360-degree marketing campaign? You can apply these tips to your business create a foolproof marketing plan.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a website for marketing. It is where you communicate with your customers. It gives the first impression of you. It also shows that you’re on top of technology. There has been a surge in e-commerce due to the covid-19 pandemic. So if you do not have a website yet, then you are missing out on so many things.


Content creation is the key to organic search, driving traffic, and giving your brand a voice. Good content helps you with what and how to communicate to the world? The best marketing strategies include quality video, the written word, and photography.

Social Media Platform:

To run a full 360-degree marketing campaign you need to connect with your audience through all possible social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. You also need to figure out how you can promote your business and drive brand awareness through organic and paid advertising. Through social media, marketing you get customer feedback, new customers, and increased revenue.

 Face to Face Marketing

Face to face or Grassroots marketing is valuable to your business for developing one-on-one relations. You can have a conversation about your brand, display new products, tell your story, get user feedback, and can build lasting relationships. Through this, you can engage with your local community, such as nonprofit organizations. You can also generate content and build your brand’s equity.

Events and Sales Opportunities:

Attending trade shows, events and exhibitions are opportunities to get your brand on the ground level and selling directly to consumers.

7. Public Relations

Instead of paying for PR, you can hire bloggers from different markets to write reviews and talk about your businesses and products. You can also pitch local editors on the opening of your new store. You can also try PR stunts that are outlandish and legal to help tell a story. You can also try to get your product in the hands of a celebrity.

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