Having a good façade is a necessity

Having a good façade is a necessity. The façade of a building can, generate business. It can create a great and a lasting impression. The word façade is derived from a French word, “facciata”, meaning face. Facades are an important component of a building. Facades can also serve for multiple purposes such as security, point of differentiation, and comfortable environment. There are different types of facades such as- lightweight façade, heavyweight, prefabricated, Traditional, ETI system and rainscreen cladding.

Generates Business:

An effectively designed façade has the power to convince a customer to enter a store. A Façade is probably the first thing that a client notices about a store while purchasing an item. A beautifully designed captures the attention of the potential customers. A great façade has the power generate business. With an upgraded façade the owner of a building can demand a higher rent or sale price.

Creates Impression:

When we meet a person for the first time the first thing you see is their face. The same thing applies for a building. So, the quality of uniquely designed façade is that it creates a lasting impression on its onlookers. It is the façade of a building by which people remembers a business or a residential structure. People form their opinions of a building based on what they see. So a poor a faced having crack, or a rusty handrail can create a wrong impression about your business. Thus asking someone to spend money in such a building will be a tough task.


One of the important functions of a façade is to protect the people and valuables inside a building. Facades can not only look attractive, but can provide security for residential and commercial buildings. Facades can be designed using solid marble, stained or mirrored glass facades to offer security to its occupants. These facades also look aesthetically pleasing.

A Point of Differentiation:

A great façade offers its occupants an opportunity to express its personality. A uniquely styled facade stands out from the surrounding buildings, creating a point of differentiation. Thus this a major plus, point for commercial complexes and an effective marketing strategy.

Comfortable environment:

A glass façade separates internal and external buildings environment. A glass glass can act as a buffer against extreme temperatures, wind and noise. However, it depends on the type, color, thickness and impact of the glass used on the building. A glass facade protects and differentiates the internal environmental conditions of a building from its external environmental conditions. These environmental conditions include- temperature, moisture, and air pressure.

Facades can make improvements to your business. It can increase your foot traffic. It can also improve your customer reviews.  It can further increase the value of your business, without investing too much. If you would like to upgrade your buildings’ façade, then mail us at sales@umangcommunications.com. You can also visit www.umangcommunications.com to get more information.  We at Umang Communications private limited can provide best façades, and  consultancy services. We’d love to give your building a new face!

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