Umang Communicatins has 10 years of experience in signage business and has evolved over the years in technology, raw materials and printing. We serve our clients going extra miles. We offer one stop solution to our customers, making them delight over the final product and making sure the requirements is completed. 

WE design & manufacture LED signs, Light Box Signs, Metal Letters, and LED Channel Letters. Either it is only one sign, a complete signage project or something in between.

Our Work

Our work process begins with the consideration or a careful review of the product design and specifications. So that maximum supply is achieved when there is demand.


Umang helps you to plan and make decisions in signage solutions. Our consultants help with decisions regarding signage designing, implementation methods and general best practices.

Design Concept and Mockup

We offer digital mock-ups of your sign after you’ve chosen some concept designs. If you provide photos of your building where you’d like the sign to go, You’ll see how different signs could look in or on your building before one goes to manufacturing.


With our in house manufacturing team we can effectively build your sign as it goes from one end of our plant to another. Each technician is trained to manufacture your custom made, one of a kind sign to the highest standards.

Installation Of Signage

Umang has a team of highly trained professionals to install any signage. This ensures that everything is installed properly and our team works with you every work is done with top quality.

Outdoor Signage

Being the Signage maker in Guwahati, we know that outdoor signage should be eye-popping. Which helps in building your brand and attract direct traffic to your business.

External signage include LED signs, Digital Signage, Acrylic, 3D signage, Metal signage, Non-lit signs, Retro Signs, Way finding Signage, Fence Branding or Construction Site Sign, Neon Signs, Hoarding, Billboard and many more .

Outdoor branding makes sure that your organization stands out from passing traffic and help those seeking your Premises or Business.

Indoor Signage

No matter what kind of indoor office signs you have in your business they tell a story about your business. In fact, indoor signs can provide messages which help to improve customer relations and employee efficiency and satisfaction.

 We offer different kinds of indoor signage such as Floor Signs, Reception Signs, Door Sign, Facade, Rollup Stands and Display Signs, Standee, Lobby Signs, Office Signs, Product Displays, Room ID Signs, Kiosks, Banner, Emergency Sign, Nameplates & many more. 


Your facade speaks to your customer invest in a new signage today

We are onestop solution for Signage

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What we do

All services in one place


Our design team is made up experienced and talented designers who specialize in signage design. Rely on expertise for everything from logo, sign design to a complete rebranding initiative. Umang designs official logos and name of companies, our professional designers understand your requirements and we would love to help with anyone who wants to achieve their extraordinary design for their signage solutions.


Umang ultilizes computerized sign-making equipments and complete manufacturing worflow that ensures the highest level of efficiency, quality and safety while being flexible enough to undertake any work.


Umang has team of highly trained professionals to install any signage. This ensures that everything is installed properly and our team works with you every step of the way, from site survey to installation, to ensure that each & every work is done with top quality.

We bring branding solutions to life.
We design signage for a better visitor experience

Acrylic LED Signage

LED boards consume less power than neon systems. This results in less strain on the environment and makes a significant decrease in your lighting costs.

3D Channel Signage

Channel Letters are custom-made three dimensional letter signs constructed of metal or plastic and utilized most often in exterior signage applications.

Flex Signboard

Attract customers to your store with glow sign boards pensive than which is little low expensive than other types. We will custom design, deliver and Install at your location

Road Signs

Road signs that provide informational traffic signs uses reflective aluminum materials that are compliant for official use.

Architectural Modular Sign

Vehicle Graphics

Helps to expand your audience depending on how often you drive, a vehicle graphic has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of impressions.

Wall/Glass/Window Decals

Dress your windows and interior glass surfaces for success with the broad range of decorative window graphic and storefront window graphics and vinyl window decals for business.

Metal Signage

Metal is a long-lasting material. When metal is used for signage, sign makers will usually add protective coats to help the metal become even more resistant and able to withstand the elements.


Caution signs are a type of hazard sign used to warn about possible hazards or unsafe practices. Choose from an extensive range of signs to ensure you keep employees and visitors aware of dangers with appropriate caution signs for your premises.

Utility Signage

Utility signages are used for water, electricity, drainage, highways, etc. We design each sign with a company logo or event and rout them out to any shape. We manufacture signages that work within your scheme and match your corporate colours.

Boost your business and customers with our wide range of signage & display solutions