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Custom printed wallpaper

Custom wallpaper is  an extremely unique and personalized product that we offer at Umang Communications, Guwahati. Imagine a situation where you need to brand your corporate office walls with the company mission statement and philosophy. Or let’s say that you might want to reproduce your product images on your walls.  We can print it out for you, in just about any size that you can think off.

MDF Laser Cutting

Glass Decoration

Customized wall

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MDF Laser Cutting

Ever since our inception, the team at Umang Interior Services has worked hard to gain an excellent reputation in the market as the Branded class provider of laser cutting services in Guwahati.

CNC Cutting

At Umang interior, the CNC cutting service ranges from the most simple of designs to those in intricate detail. In order to enable this, we have with us, experts, who make sure that the design is executed to perfection.

Corian Cutting

With innovative designs and an enduring color palette, we will make all of your design aspirations come true. Achieve your dream design with a quality product that surface brings the best of nature and science to contemporary residential and commercial design

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